Monday, September 01, 2008

I have long thought I was alone in despising daily tasks. I have found a comrade in Hermann Hesse:

...not to think of all the stupid actions demanded of us every morning: stupid dressing, stupid shaving, stupid tying of one's tie, saying good morning, reading the mail, making up one's mind to some sort of activity, resuming the whole mechanical routine of life.

...I get up, I wash, I shave, I carry out those ocmplicated activities which are necessary to get into one's clothes and shoes, I choke myself with the shirt collar, I stuff my watch into my waistcoat pocket, I adorn myself with glasses, all with the sensations of a convict who for decades has followed the prescribed rountine and knows that it will last his whole lifetime, it will never come to an end.

(Hermann Hesse, A Guest at the Spa)


Anonymous said...

Depressing...Poor Herman...I get up and meditate, that alone puts me in a peaceful mind; do yoga, have some herb tea and sit with a good book. Feed the cat, feed the body :-) Have fun choosing my clothes, put some nice music and make myself a lunch. Check my emails, then go to work. How good is life!

Anonymous said...

My goodness, you must get up at 4:00am!
I'm with Dennis and Hesse!

Anonymous said...

Actually, I get up at 5. Cat is the alarm clock :-)