Friday, September 26, 2008

A Man

Many of you will remember my postings about "A Man." His real name was Morey and he died this past Tuesday night. His family called to say that I had shared some of his best days in the last part of his life. Morey was a friend.

Because of his failing mental capacity, Morey would often have to find creative ways to express what he was trying to communicate. I loved these unintentional witticisms. During our time together, I collected many of these funny little sayings.

"The Wit and Wisdom of Morey"
• This country has set itself up real nice: it has so many relationships in it.

• You have to help people with their problems because they are hypnotized by them.

• Religions tell you that you are better than everyone else. That’s how all the trouble starts.

• If someone has a different religion, you don’t have to date them or take them out or anything. But you can respect them.

• All you can do is to make your life pleasant and your family’s—that’s the thing. Getting along is respecting other’s feelings.

• Chew your food fine and slowly—that's the thing. And stop when you start to feel full. You can always start again.

• You can’t manage someone else’s mind.

• It sure is windy today; maybe I’ll get a new head!

• The weather has nothing to do with voting. (meaning: you can’t do anything about the weather)

• Fresh air cheers my heart.

How to get along with others:
• I always say, ‘Well, you may be right. I’ll consider it.”

Evolution and Capitalism:
• I wouldn’t be surprised if some day a bug learns to speak English. As long at it buys something, we probably won’t mind.

Concerning old age:
• It doesn’t hurt, but it doesn’t help either.

Regarding a bookstore (the double entandre):
• It has a lot of stories about it.

Collective nouns:
• Cars (in a line of backed-up traffic) – a “li-on of cars”
• Clouds – a “ruffle of clouds”

• I made money once, but it wasn’t my fault.

While recovering from bronchitis:
• The trouble with fighting nature is that nature doesn’t talk.

Evaluating a restaurant:
• It’s perfect for those who like it.

When asked about how he stays so fit:
• Well, I’ve been at it a long time.

On Globalism:
• The whole world is together and when people come from other places through marriage or acquaintance, you have to adopt them.

When he had an upset stomach:
• Just imagine if your bottom could speak.

• You don’t feel like falling asleep while you are walking.

Zen by Morey:
• Good things are well kept.
• I’ll finish and then I’ll be done.
• Human beings are human beings.

Clouds in the sky:
• You don’t have to antagonize them or anything. Just appreciate them and they just look pretty.


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