Sunday, July 16, 2006

10 to 3

  • 10...the number of posts since July 7

  • 3...the number of comments since July 7

  • (2 from same reader; 1 from someone I don't know.)

    This means that:
    • my writing is really boring,
    • the government has blacklisted me,
    • I have private and quiet readers, or
    • all of the above, plus the fact that Johnny Depp refused to online chat on this site turned folks away.
    If you do read this blog, did you notice the new layout for the music and book selections that I post in the righthand column? It finally occured to me to use some HTML code to order that stuff.

    If you click through to order on Amazon any of the titles, I receive about 4% of your purchase. I try not to post stuff that I wouldn't recommend as worth purchasing, but my taste may not be your taste.


    Anonymous said...

    this is Johnny, what do you want to alk about?

    Anonymous said...

    Finally, Johnny, I've wondered where you were. I'm fixing dinner and didn't know what you like to eat.

    missymussy said...

    Dennis, I have an idea! I have to buy a bunch of books for my new online class. Why don't you recommend them, and then I'll buy 'em? I hope I haven't just ruined it all by commenting about it in a public forum. I was just kidding, Patriot Act-Amazon Fraud Police!

    Dennis Plummer said...

    Cool. Send me your titles. I'll post them at the bottom.