Thursday, July 20, 2006

No Time Like Time Off

I'm sitting in my office with a mug of tea waiting for my first client of the day. It has been a good week to enjoy time off. I had a $100 gift certificate to spend at a posh store (The A-Store) in Nob Hill and $40 at Peacecraft, a workers' rights import store. Got a haircut yesterday and have used other time to establish a list of the places to visit and things to do that I've not been able--or have not done--during the past season of busyness.

It's funny that the endless jobs may have actually served to keep my attention. In either being at a job or rushing off to another obligation left little tiime for me to dwell on my own loneliness or depression. Perhaps that is one of the things that having a kid does for you; it keeps you present in just getting life done without the option of wallowing in too much introspection.

Now that I am shifting into more focused and regulated work, it also means that my time alone and not at work will be more noticeable. I'm aware that that has been difficult for me in the past here in NM. I'm not too concerned, just aware and taking precaution to be sure that life outside of work has meaning and holds enjoyment for me.

Some of the meaning includes:
  • meditation;
  • prayer;
  • hypnosis;
  • making sure that I connect with friends;
  • and perhaps more involvement with church, either in becoming a reader for the Sunday service and/or joining the choir.

Some of the activities include:
  • visiting museums and art exhibitions on a more regular basis;
  • getting memberships to parks, museums and the like;
  • shopping at interesting world food markets and actually taking time to cook for myself;
  • attending local theatre productions;
  • reading;
  • hiking;
  • some regular membership exercise like Bikram's Yoga;
  • and I have a little pouch with a photo of me hang gliding into which I am sticking spare cash to save up for lessons.

Tomorrow I am going to Cliff's Amusement Park with a 10-yr. old friend from church.


Anonymous said...

Is "hpynosis" only applicable to those who attended Woodstock, etc.? :) - DP

Dennis Plummer said...

Nah, more like for clients who want to remember that they attended! (And I corrected the tpyo.)