Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Straight Ahead, or Gayly Forward?

In direct opposition to my long-held belief that, if I was not partnered by age 40, I would throw a big "I'm Single" celebration and never again pursue possible romantic interests, I asked out the manager at Border's Bookstore.

After weeks which strecthed into months of making eye contact and sensing reciprocal energy (funny how often I found myself taking A Man on outings to the bookstore!), we struck up a conversation. I asked if he'd like to go for coffee sometime. He told me his work hours with sufficient detail that I inferred that he was interested.

I returned to Border's the next morning to set a date and he informed me that he is playing soccer in nearly all of his free time for the rest of the summer! Another case of friendly guy genuinely open to getting to know a new friend who subsequently figures out that he is being approached for a "gay date" and freaks out.

Why are so many of the guys I'm attracted to straight? It's the same question (in reverse) that I hear some of my straight female friends asking: Why do all of the good guys turn out to be gay?

Anyway, I found a little quiz for everyone to take (the men at least...women, you'll have to help me find the appropriate equivalent). I propose that everyone then be required to wear their percentages on their sleeve so that the playing field is clearly identified.

Take the quiz.

By the way, I came in as 47% queer and 20% straight. I don't know what the other 33% of me is. The test didn't tell me.


jonathan said...

I am 23% straight and 10% queer. And 66% nothing.

Ode/tte said...

I'm 50/50...Go figure...

Anonymous said...

"You scored as Queerer than a 3 dollar bill. . . .
Queerer than a 3 dollar bill: 27%
As straight as a rail: 7%"

But I guess the result is highly questionable because of the bias toward American culture. Who cares about the Super Bowl? We are playing the real football here and have been enthused about a great world cup (I guess this is going to draw some comments), even though the Germans lost against Italy in a great match.

good talking to you, dennis


Dennis Plummer said...

The elusive unknown percentage must be a bisexual factor.

That makes it:

Me: 47% gay; 20% straight; 13% bisexual.
Jonathan: 10% gay; 23% straight; 67% bisexual.
Odette: 50% gay; 50% straight (isn't that really just 100% bisexual?).
Mattias: 27% gay; 7% straight; 66% bisexual.

And the rest of you?

Anonymous said...

John here from Boston. I'm apparently a whole lot of nothin'

"You are straight, now you can continue along with your life with peace of mind."

...yeah, tell my boyfriend that.

"As straight as a rail: 17%"
"Queerer than a 3 dollar bill: 7%"

Hope you had a good birthday! I just turned 33 myself.


Anonymous said...

I'm 47% gay, 20% straight and 13% bi. It said that I wasn't giving it 100%.

Anonymous said...

7% gay and 63% straight. I was told I could go on living "comfortably" straight. I think I'll have a beer and watch a re-run of the superbowl with my pants unbuttoned. -Andy K.