Monday, July 03, 2006

Taking Care of Other People's Flowers

This is not an insightful post (he typed, as if all his other ramblings had been overflowing with deep wisdom). It is just an update like recent posts of what I'm doing in life. It's intended for those who care to know.

And it is my lazy excuse for not calling or writing friends more frequently.

I have been away from home housesitting since the 25th of June. Yesterday, I took on a second house. I will be housesitting both places until Wednesday, at which point I will give up one to take on two others. I will housesit three places until Sunday, at which point I will be housesitting just one (not my own). I won't see my place again until first week August.

Already people are scheduling housesitting days in both August and September. I'm considering disconnecting my home phone line.


Anonymous said...

I was just gonna leave another inconsequential message on your answering machine or complain to you via e-mail or rant on your blog about your enticing me into continuous unabashed attempts at calling you by dropping a friendly yet apparently insincere "Let's talk". . . so, which one of these would you prefer, my friend, while you are waxing blog-talk and making preemeptive remarks about your own laziness?

See you in Greece (I hope).

Odette said...

at the rate you're going, you don't even need a home :-)

Anonymous said...

congratulations about your new job. Sounds like a chance to have more down time after eliminating some of the round the clock jobs (or will you keep them?). That means more time to have a social/love life... enjoy!

Dennis Plummer said...

Well, I guess you already chose the blog option. :)

"Let's talk" was not meant without sincerity...but was obviously offered without a very helpful or realistic timeline. Don't call me and waste your dime this time (although I do enjoy hearing your voice); let the responsibility fall on my shoulders.

As you can tell, my schedule has been mostly away and --even with a cell phone--preoccupied by interviewing and taking on my new work as director and juggling housesitting.

Today is a typical day: up at 6 AM cleaning house for owner's return; 2-hour meeting beginining at 8 with the executive director about my new job; bank run and hypnotherapy office paperwork; hynosis session at noon; A Man from 3-6; shelter work from 6-9.

Still, I owe it to you and about a dozen others to use some of the in-between moments on the telephone and not just rely on this blog.

Thanks for the reminder.

Anonymous said...

Hooray for your new job. You can housesit for us while we're here, just come to Chicago for another Cubs game.