Tuesday, July 18, 2006

My Week

Ahhhh.... No work obligations other than hypnotherapy clients! I met two new clients today. One scheduled a follow-up appointment and one scheduled a 6-session package. I have one repeat client and another new one both on Thursday. Other than those appointments, I am using the week to clean house, get a massage and use gift certificates from my birthday to shop at cool stores.

And I'll get a hair cut.

This time, I'll return to the Blue Door Salon and my trusted hair stylist. I have been going to the cut-rate salons and barbers to save money.

At the last place I went to, the mother of the woman cutting my hair was sitting in the chair next to us chatting away with her daughter. They didn't mind including me in the conversation, which went like this:

Mother: Well I tried to get a job this morning.

Daughter: Where'd you go?

Mother: The Cherry Blossom.

Daughter (nodding to me as if I knew the place): You know, the massage and sex parlor south of Osuna.

Mother (referring to the physical environment, not the type of business being conducted): It was kinda dirty though.

Daughter: But if they pay good money, I'm sure you would be good at it if you wanted to.

Mother (to me): Of course I'd just be the receptionist.

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Anonymous said...

What a coincidence that they mentioned the massage place and you're about to schedule one. Too funny. You must have felt awkward knowing... Now maybe you'll see the mother when you go! And wouldn't it be funny if her daughter were there talking to her!