Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Tempest in a Teapot

At left: image I took during Saturday's mass launch of the ABQ Balloon Fiesta.

I have a lot of reflective writing to do (that's the tempest part--relationships). And there is obviously some writing to post discussing the previous postscript. And I have a little to post regarding daily activities.

But first, let's have another cupt of tea (from "Tea Life, Tea Mind," by Soshitsu Sen XV):

While loving their beauty, we must appreciate the effort that brings these same flowers to full bloom.

A tiny sprout has no choice; it must grow or perish.

Adhere to the state of being that is you.

To escape from the eternal round of passions, desires, and suffering, and realize contentment one must know one's limits.

Efforts must not diminish simply because of the absence of the 'proper' qualities in the place where he serves tea.

Tea seizes insufficiency and builds upon it.

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