Monday, February 13, 2006

Beauty Is Everywhere

Happy Valentine’s Day! I want to share with you the work of one of my friends, Kristin Mallery. She lives in Boston and has a wonderful project going called “Hearts Happen.” That’s a set of her photos above this paragraph.

Kristin is one of those persons who exudes joy for life and knows how to live in the moment. Her smile and laughter is infectious; you just want to be around her! One of my good memories of being with Kristin is a night in Boston when she joined my visiting parents to carve pumpkins over at my apartment.

“Let’s dance!” she suddenly proclaimed and promptly proceeded to whisk me around the room, uninhibited that she’d only just met parents. She’s like that: fun, spontaneous and ready to consume all that life presents to her.

Kristin’s penchant for actively choosing to see the potential beauty in everything has led to her latest project of photographing naturally occurring hearts wherever they happen. You can read two different articles on her project by clicking hereand here. Her joy is such that it’s even spilling over into the Boston Globe!

Kristin is also a clutter consultant, clearing the world of clutter one corner at a time. I’m sure she’d be happy to help you simplify your own life. Drop her a line at:, or by calling: 617-359-8489.

Her website Clutter Consultant is under construction, but you can sneak a peek past the homepage to view more hearts!

Go Kristin!! Hooray!!! You make this world a better place.


kristin said...


thank y o u
i stand here
the eve of valentine's day
blown away at the response i've gotten

i am so grateful and honored and having a blast.

y o u are one of my friends, that thru your creativity and wonderfulness, has brought me to this point in time.

thank you for being you.
i love your soul, kristin

ps now all hearts and articles can be found at

Anonymous said...

Go Kristen! doug.

jonathan said...

I lived a couple blocks from the Centre Street Cafe in Jamaica Plain. I heard a woman (on NPR?) talking about her clutter control business. Maybe it was on TV. It was recently. I wonder if it is the same gal.

Dennis Plummer said...

I think it was on NPR and I remember this same Kristin saying that she was going to be on the air. I didn't know you lived there once, too. I lived on Burroughs Street, just of Centre for awhile.