Friday, February 17, 2006


I completed another Mystery Shop yesterday. This one was a drug screening test. I believe that I passed.

In other matters of income: good news! As of this morning I have 10 hypnotherapy sessions scheduled for next week (9 paying, 1 complimentary). Yes! More of that, please.

To supplement this time of building business, I have also accepted a part-time job as a floor assistant at a men’s homeless shelter each Saturday evening for 4 hours. It is good to be working again with that population of people. During college, I volunteered every Thursday night as a desk clerk in a Boston shelter before rushing back to my 8 AM class, and, at a different shelter, I played pool with the guys each Sunday. In Boston, I weekly served food and taught English as a second language. Plus, I have firsthand experience using shelters as a homeless person myself. I'm looking forward to this work.

Another piece of the monetary puzzle that I’m putting together will come March 4th when I serve on a mock jury for the day.

Bit by bit, I am trying to squeak by the bills, and then flourish in my financial situation. I still eagerly await a surprise visit by Ed McMahon or some other philanthropist who believes that my contribution to life on Earth will be greater with less financial stress. In fact, I might just get a bigger mailbox to receive that mail. ☺

P.S. I'm considering adding Google ads to this site. Would that offend anyone? I have some on a hypnosis blog and, believe it or not, some pennies are actually trickling in. Of course, you readers have to click some of the ads...but don't necessarily have to buy anything.

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Anonymous said...

HI Dennis... I think that putting google ads on is fine, and I promise to click some. I am off of school next week and am heading to Vt to snowboard. Wish you were closer... Doug.