Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Food, Glorious Food

This a huge THANKS to Odette, Jimmy, Dustin and Rebecca, who have kept me fed during the past couple of months. Not having to spend $$ on food has made an important difference. Thank you all for your incredible thoughtfulness!

I wanted you to know that I'm not wasting the energy; I am busy doing my part to increase revenue (while still imagining some miraculous Ed McMahon type of thing happening! LOL). Because the bills are more than the cash or credit on hand, I've applied for part-time work at 3 different places, am looking to apply for more and am hoping to take on oversight of my church's Web site. I am also doing the mystery shops--I got paid $10 this week for not going on a shop because the client cancelled--and doing yard work to lower the house rent.

More importantly, my client list is continuing to grow! That is what I really enjoy doing. It is why the piecing together a buck here and there is worth it. Eventually, I'll be ahead of the curve. For now, I'm off to go sell some clothes at the Buffalo Exchange.

Again, thanks so much for your support during these lean times!!

p.s. Yes, Sister and MissyMussy. That is a song in the title of this post.

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