Thursday, February 23, 2006

Ode to Christine

Remember the 1983 film version of Stephen King's horror novel about an evil car? I've had my own creepy encounters this past week with these mechanical creatures.

Most recently--yesterday--a friend and I were driving on I-40 when we noticed a small puff of what looked to be exhaust rising from the cab of a truck in front of us. Slowly the amount of exhaust grew and it had the distinct smell of smoke. In fact, it was smoke coming from the hauling bed of the truck. As the tarp fluttered in the wind, the smoke became more intense and small flames of fire began licking the air above the truck.

We signalled the driver over. As he slowed, the tarp and its contents erupted into even larger flames so that it now appeared as if he were hauling a big cauldron of fire. He gave us the thumbs up and smiled, waving us on.

Fortunately, we saw no charred remains upon our return trip.

The second vehicular encounter was startling in its simplicity. You may remember that my car was broken into and that the faceplate of the stereo system was stolen. I haven't replaced it and so have been without music or news while driving my car.

Last Friday, I got into the car and decided that I really wanted to be able to play the radio. So I touched it and it turned on! There is no switch, dial or electrical connection that I can find to repeat this, even with thorough subsequent investigation by both me and my friends. I can't even turn it off or adjust the volume.

Fortunately, it is on a good station.

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