Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Day Eight

Update on A Man
    A Man was reading my name badge yesterday. He asked, "Do they call you Dennis? Or Dennis Dennis?" Hey, inquiring minds want to know.

    I told him that when I was a kid, my mother called me, "Dennis! Dennis!" when she wanted to get my attention, but that most people just call me "Dennis."
Surprisingly, I felt fine and had normal energy when finally going to bed last night. It had been a 27-hour work period with only 2 1/2 hours of sleep. Of course, one half hour was a powerful hypno-nap.

With food and sleep deprivation, surely I will start having visions. Of course, they'll probably be about huge, vegetarian pizzas and very large pillows!

I hung a few more prayer flags outside my house. It's a cool reminder of the purpose of my fast (i.e. spiritual introspection) and a nice build up to my 40th birthday as they slowly build in number. They look very festive. I'm hoping to add all kinds of prayer flags like the ones at Northern Sun. They have Tibetan, world religions and world and rainbow peace flags. I can't seem to find Christian ones like my godson sent me, that started my interest in hanging prayer flags.

Besides the prayer flags on my wish list, I've added a gym membership, one to the botanical garden and the 18-bottle Haier wine celler they sell at Costco. Oh, yeah, and a haircut.


Anonymous said...

What's the name of that link you mentioned in our talk on the phone today? And where (under which day) do I find it?

Dennis Plummer said...

Here it is. Good to talk with you.

Anonymous said...

"those were good times . . . as far as we know"
Thanks, Dennis