Wednesday, May 17, 2006

First Signs

I think my body just noticed today that I am fasting. I almost passed out while standing at the photocopier at the shelter. Now, later and at home, my stomach is gurgling like Old Faithful about to erupt.

I must've had a lot of stored-up body fat to burn for it to have taken this long for the physical side effects to kick in. Now to push beyond the mechanics of fasting to more (hopefully) personal insight.


Odette said...

Fasting is healing, when you are resting...You are working a lot, be careful.We'll talk more tomorrow...

Anonymous said...

With your schedule and the fasting, you had better be taking vitamin suppliments! You don't want to do more harm than good! I'm not going all Tom Cruise on you. *giggle*
But don't you go all Nicole Ritchie on us!
*more giggles*
Just be careful!

Anonymous said...

Outcry! Outcry! Stop the insanity.
Fasting is just as bad as exercising.
Take care, Dennis,