Sunday, May 21, 2006

I celebrated the end of my fast with a mystery shop at a casino. Because I was ending 10 days of no food, I was able to eat very little when evaluating the food areas of the casino. This was difficult because the buffet was an extravaganza of Asian seafood, one of my favorites! I did sample some crab legs and shrimp and it was delicious! I'd like to go back sometime.

The end of my fast was uneventful. It had turned into a mere physical experience with no deep reflection. I realize that I need a quieter work schedule for that to be possible. Self-awareness actually seemed to come as I ended the fast. I am more aware that I use food to stifle emotions, to put an endpoint on a day, to occupy time, etc. I am equally more aware that I can live off much less food, so long as I get proper liquid into my body. Have you ever heard of "breatharians"? I don't think I'll try that.

Some of my reflection also centered on sustainable income. Currently, all of my varied part-time positions do not add up to enough monthly income. The stress is palpable and I'm tired of feeling so scattered. I'm thinking about two possible ways to build my hypnotherapy practice, which is in dire need of continued networking and advertising.

One solution is to take a year off and teach English as a second language overseas. This has the advantage of a concentrated decrease in bills (rent, car, etc.) while simultaneously bringing in substantial income. The disadvantage is a year's sabbatical from the business and practice.

The second is to take a full-time job here in ABQ, seeing occasional clients after hours. This has the advantage of continuing to practice my work and to meet potential clients. The disadvantage is that it could be a much longer and slower distraction from being able to re-enter the hypnotherapy field with designated financing.

In considering the latter, I may apply as a driver for the Sunport International Airport transportation service. That would involve mindless driving people to and from their cars. It would not be a mental distraction from hypnotherapy and has the added benefit of potential tips.

A second option in staying here is to get work with a motivational speaker group. That could actually complement my hypnotherapy work, although it would possible involve a lot of travel away from ABQ. It could pay much more.

That's about it for now. I did get a haircut.


Anonymous said...

As far as your options go, why limit youreself to ABQ or international? More money can be made elsewhere in the US even... and then you could build your business simultaneously. Do you gain a lot from living in ABQ?

jonathan said...

I remember a breatharian who was on Phil Donahue. He claimed to survive on air and air alone. Then someone who saw him on TV saw him eating at McDonalds. Which might be as successful as trying to survive on air.

Dennis Plummer said...

Moving costs money. To build my business somewhere else also involves start up costs that I've already invested here.

ABQ does have a lot to offer; in the recent Jan-Feb issue, Forbes magazine listed ABQ in its top 25 Hottest American Cities in which to do business. I guess I'm not ready to move without first having explored more of this state.

Unless you have a really great offer....

Anonymous said...

For selfish reasons I say, stay in the Southwest. I love it there.

Anonymous said...

Of course now that it is almost summer break, this may not be a good idea for you right now, -but- have you thought of substitute teaching? You decide to work or not and when. You can turn down a job if you have a client schuled, or work if you don't. I did this while trying to start a home based business and it really saved me. No insurance or benefits, but around $100 per day. Just a thought. I think you'd be great at it!

Anonymous said...

*scheduled (typo correction)sorry.

Anonymous said...

Wow, a typo correction plus apology on a blog. I am not being ironic, I am really impressed. Anonymous, who are you?

p.s. How are you doing Dennis?

Dennis Plummer said...

Doing, okay, Matthias. Fun to see so many comments. I just learned that the recent Forbes listing ranked ABQ #1 for business and career opportunity.

Anonymous said...

Eat more or you'll be all skin & bones!