Monday, May 22, 2006

When I Look Inside

I am feeling a little quiet and melancholic today. No particular reason. Perhaps because it's Monday? or, b/c I'm not working full-time as a clinical hypnotherapist? or, that I'm not living in a cool mountain cabin? or, that I'm living alone? or, that I'm considering jobs that don't fully interest me? Who knows.

I'll just sit with it for awhile.


Anonymous said...

or because you ended your fast?

Dennis Plummer said...

Could be that. I also noted that on that particular day the barometric pressure dropped dramatically, climaxing in 50 mph gusts of wind. Someone said that people respond to barometric changes like they do to a full moon. Sounds like a good premise for a book: folks stranded on an island, slowly going crazy as a hurricane forms. The barometric pressure and mounting storm as metaphors for the human psyche spiraling out of control.