Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Day Nine

Still going. Making a few mistakes here and there due to slower mind function. It feels a bit like I'm in a bubble, sometimes, observing myself doing things. And my speech is a little funny, like when you stay up really late and your focus is not quite as crisp. It is also allowing me to notice how much of what I say is hollow, anyway.

I have a mystery shop at a casino this evening. It is fairly involved and I've recruited a friend to go with me so he can taste the food that I'm supposed to appraise. I'll get paid $25 and reimbursed $50.

Right now, I'm headed off to pick up A Man, after which I will spend 3 hours at the shelter.

Thanks, Jonathan and Matthias, for your comments. I had begun to think that this blog has no readers. Even if it didn't, I'd still use it as a good journaling exercise.

Google Ads: keep clicking! I've made about $80 to date thanks to you just looking at the ads. Cool.

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Sister said...

I call you Dennis Dennis Bobennis.