Monday, May 08, 2006

Preparation Day

I'm preparing my body to begin fasting tomorrow by eating only raw vegetables and fruits today.

Weight: 163 pounds
Appetite: moderately hungry. Kind of concerned that I don't have a full stock of fruits and vegetables
Energy: moderate to high
Emotions: pretty calm
Thoughts: I'm actually eager to begin fasting. It feels good to have selected a focused task that makes me active in my own aging process.

Yesterday, I went to Popejoy Hall at UNM and watched some Tibetan Monks perform sacred dances and prayers. They had also created a spectacularly intricate sand mandala which they poured into the Rio Grande at the conclusion of their visit. I purchased some prayer flags and hung them outside my house where they now flutter along with my Catholic prayer flags. It would really be cool to have about 40 of these flying from my home by the time my birthday arrives.

Birthday Wish List

I have been thinking about the fasting and want to be intentional about my desires during this time. We usually get what we expect, so I don't want to be found not expecting anything. Here is what I am desiring now:
  • increased spiritual focus, growth and awareness;
  • enough fruits and vegetables to sustain a healthy fast (my fast this time is a juice fast)
  • increase in hypnotherapy clientele (so I can quit my other distracting jobs)
  • money to pay my bills ($1,200 for current outstanding bills, more to pay off loans)
  • incense to burn
  • increased health and physical fitness
  • a stronger centeredness of peace
  • 40 prayer flags
  • to de-accumulate (is that a real word? My friend, Kristin, would say "Simplify")
  • more time for meditation

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