Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Day Two

I snatched a couple hours of sleep last evening between caring for A Man and doing my overnight stay awake care in a healthcare facility. That job was from 10 PM - 6 AM. I drank tomato juice and some tea during the night.

Came home around 6:30 AM and slept until 1:30 PM. Awoke slightly disoriented, mostly due to the shift in my sleep time and less due to the fast.

  • don't know; I don't have a scale at home.
  • Appetite:
  • stomach is growling, but not feeling any real hunger. Did notice how good the breakfast smells were at the health care facility this morning.
  • Energy:
  • not sleepy, but tired.
  • Emotions:
  • flatline to mildly nervous.
  • Thoughts:
  • Bought $42 worth of good juice and tea yesterday. I am concerned that I may not be able to afford these kind of nutrient-rich drinks throughout the fast and will need to switch to more water. I am curious how the contrasts from yesterday will work out.

  • I am off to care for A Man and then to work on my shelter caseload. I will meet with 9 of my 27 guys to help them work on exiting homelessness.

    Random notes:
    We had strong winds last evening: 36 mph sustained winds with gusts up to 60 mph! The hummingbirds have started drinking from my feeders.

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