Saturday, May 13, 2006

Day Five

It's funny how easily I forget that I am fasting. Today someone offered me popcorn which I accepted before remembering that I am not eating. Then tonight, I was invited for dinner tomorrow evening. I declined because of work obligations, not because I'm fasting---I had forgotten that.

You'd think that it would seem like a big deal to not be eating. Today I was very tired. But it didn't immediately register that it might be because of the fast. Instead, I had to think a couple of minutes to figure out why I was tired. "Hmmm...I got enough sleep last night. I haven't been that busy today. Oh, yeah. I haven't eaten since Monday. That must be it."

I did notice how good food smelled today. Even the hot dogs that they were selling at Costco smelled good.

My friend Doug said that David Blaine, the street magician turned illusionist who recently stayed submerged in the water sphere in NYC for days, topped off his stint by holding his breath for 7 minutes. (He was going for 9 minutes, but passed out.)

Doug asked me how I planned to finish my fast. I think I'll go to that steakhouse in Texas and eat a 72 oz. steak in under one hour. They give it to you for free if you can do it.

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